When the fever breaks. (ft. Teaka)

I’m still sick as a dog, with a high fever and way too many memories of my toilet within the past 24 hours, but I did get my film back from this past weekend in Maine, and I’m prettttttttttty stoked about the results. I played around with double exposures, intentional light leaks, and as always, I overexposed the film by two stops. (To be clear, two stop over exposure by ISO is a general practice for me now, but admittedly not always possible depending on the lighting situation, and the film I have in the camera.)

I had six rolls of film to sift through this time around, so this is only the first set of Teaka, but there are plenty more to come. Be on the look out for my colleague’s sets of her as well, you can visit them here :

Zack : zackstonephoto.com // IG : @slamzeeny
Leah : https://www.patreon.com/leahastore // IG : leahastorephoto // leahastore.com

Side note, I was having an existential crisis over the weekend, so this song kept ringing through my head. It seems my relationship with God remains more or less complicated. I also didn’t “try as hard” on these photographs. Or in other words, I didn’t stress about the perfection of each composition. To go further, my existentialism may have actually contributed to the carefree vibes exhibited in these photos, because I shifted my focus from perfection, to “what am I trying to say here.” At one point, my film camera actually jammed, and I thought I may have lost the majority of this roll to begin with, and was surprisingly unfazed by that revelation. Normally, anxious Anna would have been incredibly frustrated, but I thought to myself, “Well, I guess we’ll see. Is what it is. Felt good in the moment at least.”

This song also fits the vibe of the set, as well as my spirit while I was taking them. Enjoy.