gloves + doves


This shoot was incredible, but it was also one of the biggest organizing challenges of my career thus far. Needless to say, I am SO proud of how it call came together. I worked with some of the coolest women in the area on this, and I think we put together something really damn special. I’m not going to include all the photos I edited because there were almost 100, but I will attach my favs. Deets below. <3

The inspo :

“Abandoned opera house,” (hence the opera gloves) was the original idea, but we couldn’t locate one, so I had everybody bring something we could use to put together a set in Gabbi’s private backyard.

Second half of the shoot was more along the lines of, “if we had time,” and I wanted to celebrate all of the different body types we had present, so those are more about female adoration, and body positivity.

Stats and stuff :

Cameras Used : Mamiya 330, F100 with 85mm + 50mm, Olympus F Pen + 50 mm
Films : Portra 160, Portra 400, Psychedelic Film (ISO 400)
Models : Emma Simard, Gabbie Gilbert, Olivia Dwyer, Teaka Carro, Amanda DeRosa, Mae Gosnell, Morgan Mcneil, Rae Kerr, Elsa Pierson

Gloves and Doves - Part I

Gloves and Doves - Part II