liane ladies

I had to hold onto these for awhile, because it was a birthday present for my friend who’s kids these are.


I’m only including my favorites cause that is how I roll, but 90% of my favs were taken on the manual medium format I have, and I was pretty gosh darn PROUD of how these came out. LIKE HI, I AM AWESOME AT BEING STEADY.

Anyway, enjoy.

guru vintage summer lookbook

I got the opportunity to shoot for a boutique vintage store up in Maine this past July, and I am just now writing about it, but I hope you enjoy these images as much as I do. I normally don’t do straight up “fashion” projects, so this was somewhat of a challenge for me, but I enjoyed the whole process.

Truthfully, this project was hard for me to stay inspired on, because I was shooting it mostly on digital and I HATE digital. Film is just better, so uh, these are my fav film shots. <3

polaroid self portraits - who we are versus who we want to be

An intimate look at my life through 1970’s flavor Polaroids.

This was sort of an interesting project on how I actually want to view myself (the romanticized photos in costumes and backdrops) versus how I actually am, (the photos in my apartment or daily life). Humans are so incredibly multi faceted, I’m discovering that I can be all of these things at once, and that is an overwhelming state of realization in a world that prefers a manicured, “aesthetic” representation of people.

gloves + doves


This shoot was incredible, but it was also one of the biggest organizing challenges of my career thus far. Needless to say, I am SO proud of how it call came together. I worked with some of the coolest women in the area on this, and I think we put together something really damn special. I’m not going to include all the photos I edited because there were almost 100, but I will attach my favs. Deets below. <3

The inspo :

“Abandoned opera house,” (hence the opera gloves) was the original idea, but we couldn’t locate one, so I had everybody bring something we could use to put together a set in Gabbi’s private backyard.

Second half of the shoot was more along the lines of, “if we had time,” and I wanted to celebrate all of the different body types we had present, so those are more about female adoration, and body positivity.

Stats and stuff :

Cameras Used : Mamiya 330, F100 with 85mm + 50mm, Olympus F Pen + 50 mm
Films : Portra 160, Portra 400, Psychedelic Film (ISO 400)
Models : Emma Simard, Gabbie Gilbert, Olivia Dwyer, Teaka Carro, Amanda DeRosa, Mae Gosnell, Morgan Mcneil, Rae Kerr, Elsa Pierson

Gloves and Doves - Part I

Gloves and Doves - Part II

smoke rings and stranger things


I got a darling retro spread coming your way, featuring the lovely Sasha who will be moving to Colorado for school by the end of the month! I first found this girl in February, and I instantly LOVED her old Hollywood classic look. We channeled 80s/90s nostalgia here, and thanks to Milford Drive-In Theatre, Sasha’s wardrobe and the inherent timeless style of film, I’d say it almost looks like we’re actually starring in our own Back to The Future flick. Enjoy!

Stats and Stuff :

Camera : Nikon F100 + Portra 160 AND Kodak Gold
Location : Milford, NH

sweet ophelia

Stats and stuff :
Model : @mayatihtiyas
Film : Portra 160 + Portra 400
Location : Wolf’s Neck State Park

You’ll have to forgive me for not posting lately; I have been over my head with shoots, working full time, and music, so I have NOT been good about keeping this blog up to date. I’m just going to post A LOT of shoots today (in no particular order). Here’s the one I did with Maya at the end of June.

girl with the pink balloons

This concept was floating in my head for awhile, after driving for three hours in the car and hearing a sugary pop song, and remembering that I had a pink wig I wasn’t using for anything. Here are the results!

Stats and stuff :
Model @sweeetbabyrae
Film : Portra 160
Location : Portsmouth, NH

kate kate kate

Quick shoot on Route 9 for my test shoot with Kate! I got some solid images from this set, but my focusing wasn’t as strong as it normally is (I was still getting used to using the Pen), but I think they turned out okay! Oh well, film can be fun when things don’t always work out perfect. Ce le vie!

Stats and stuff :
Model : @_katejo
Film : Ektar 100
Location : Route 9, NH

bri in white

Forgot to post this set from one of my trips to Maine. Ooops! I shot it on two different films, but surprisingly the Kodak Gold ones were my fav, so I’m just going to post those. I liked how the water looked more green, and the whites were pure.

Stats and stuff :
Model : @justanothervibration
Location : Two Lights State Park
Film : Kodak Gold 200 shot on my Pentax K1000

Summer babes. <3

My all time fave girl gang and goddesses extraordinaire killed it with me this past weekend. I’m so excited to finally be shooting the kind of imagery I’ve always wanted to create. Also, I feel like my film work is getting closer and closer to where I want to be aesthetically speaking, and I am so happy. I’ve come a long way. I still have a couple things to master (medium format is next) but I’m riding out this thrill with myself. :D

Without further ado, here is the shoot.

Models :


gabbi <3

Some of my favs from the quick shoot at her house the last time I was there. We’re going to be shooting again soon, so stay tuned.

Stat stuff :
Model : @gabbigilbert
Film : Kodak Gold 200

Enduring Optimist + Blossoming Cynic (ft. Sasha)

If you haven’t noticed, most of my artwork lately has reflected my general isolation and existentialism. I miss my sister, my stress fractures in my lower half of my body have been painful, and lately I’m constantly wondering if I’ll be able to make my financial obligations.

Not for lack of taste, cheap red wine haplessly adorns my shelf, my fridge is empty, and my head is full of memories, and “should’ve, would’ve, could’ve,” scenarios.

I thought by the time I was 26, things would be different. I mean, is this it? Am I just going to struggle forever?

I’m not sure what’s worse; the fact that things aren’t moving, or that deep down I fear they never will. I was once the proud enduring optimist, but I see myself becoming a blossoming cynic, and that frightens me.

Shot on : Pentax K1000
Film : Cinestill 50d rated at 64

I'll follow you into the dark. (ft. Teaka)

I will follow you into the dark,
no matter how afraid;
dripping wax,
and scrapped up feet,
won’t make me run away.
I will follow you into the dark,
you will not be alone.
I love you darling, oh so much,
I’ll guide us safely home.


Model : Teaka aka @hot.cup.of.tea
Shot on : Pentax K1000 Kodak Gold 200 ISO 64
Location : Two Lights State Park