Blazers and Blazing (the film part) ft. Dafne

Film from this session. <3 I feel like my digital shots from this set were super moody and Vogue, and the film from the same look feels more like scenes from a quirky rom com from the 80s; but I’ll fucking take it.

Model is Dafne, you’ll be seeing her ALOT. I love working with this chick, she’s the bees knees.

Film is Kodak Gold 200 rated at 64 on a Pentax K1000.

Suga Lips ft. Dafne


Jesus, every time I think I love the digital images from a session, film has got me swallowing my words.

Here we goooooo.

Dafne was chill and went along with my, “Hey, put sugar on your lips, cause you know, “sugar lips”. That’s cool, right? You down?”

By the time we got to it, the sun was fading and the sugar wasn’t sticking as much as I would have wanted, so I had her put on another outfit, and we played around with the fading light and her car beams.

I like, I like, I like. Hope you do too. <3

Stars At Night // Brighton Music Hall

Shot some photos of the opening acts for Le Bucherette this past week at Brighton Music Hall.

First band to go on was “Elsewhere” (Adam’s project) and then it was the touring LA all girl rock band, “Stars At Night”.

Here are my favorites from the set with “Stars At Night”. (Everything was digital this time, no film unfortunately.)