sweet ophelia

Stats and stuff :
Model : @mayatihtiyas
Film : Portra 160 + Portra 400
Location : Wolf’s Neck State Park

You’ll have to forgive me for not posting lately; I have been over my head with shoots, working full time, and music, so I have NOT been good about keeping this blog up to date. I’m just going to post A LOT of shoots today (in no particular order). Here’s the one I did with Maya at the end of June.

Summer babes. <3

My all time fave girl gang and goddesses extraordinaire killed it with me this past weekend. I’m so excited to finally be shooting the kind of imagery I’ve always wanted to create. Also, I feel like my film work is getting closer and closer to where I want to be aesthetically speaking, and I am so happy. I’ve come a long way. I still have a couple things to master (medium format is next) but I’m riding out this thrill with myself. :D

Without further ado, here is the shoot.

Models :


Enduring Optimist + Blossoming Cynic (ft. Sasha)

If you haven’t noticed, most of my artwork lately has reflected my general isolation and existentialism. I miss my sister, my stress fractures in my lower half of my body have been painful, and lately I’m constantly wondering if I’ll be able to make my financial obligations.

Not for lack of taste, cheap red wine haplessly adorns my shelf, my fridge is empty, and my head is full of memories, and “should’ve, would’ve, could’ve,” scenarios.

I thought by the time I was 26, things would be different. I mean, is this it? Am I just going to struggle forever?

I’m not sure what’s worse; the fact that things aren’t moving, or that deep down I fear they never will. I was once the proud enduring optimist, but I see myself becoming a blossoming cynic, and that frightens me.

Shot on : Pentax K1000
Film : Cinestill 50d rated at 64

When the fever breaks. (ft. Teaka)

I’m still sick as a dog, with a high fever and way too many memories of my toilet within the past 24 hours, but I did get my film back from this past weekend in Maine, and I’m prettttttttttty stoked about the results. I played around with double exposures, intentional light leaks, and as always, I overexposed the film by two stops. (To be clear, two stop over exposure by ISO is a general practice for me now, but admittedly not always possible depending on the lighting situation, and the film I have in the camera.)

I had six rolls of film to sift through this time around, so this is only the first set of Teaka, but there are plenty more to come. Be on the look out for my colleague’s sets of her as well, you can visit them here :

Zack : zackstonephoto.com // IG : @slamzeeny
Leah : https://www.patreon.com/leahastore // IG : leahastorephoto // leahastore.com

Side note, I was having an existential crisis over the weekend, so this song kept ringing through my head. It seems my relationship with God remains more or less complicated. I also didn’t “try as hard” on these photographs. Or in other words, I didn’t stress about the perfection of each composition. To go further, my existentialism may have actually contributed to the carefree vibes exhibited in these photos, because I shifted my focus from perfection, to “what am I trying to say here.” At one point, my film camera actually jammed, and I thought I may have lost the majority of this roll to begin with, and was surprisingly unfazed by that revelation. Normally, anxious Anna would have been incredibly frustrated, but I thought to myself, “Well, I guess we’ll see. Is what it is. Felt good in the moment at least.”

This song also fits the vibe of the set, as well as my spirit while I was taking them. Enjoy.

When I'm emotional, I make great shit.

So I guess in other words, I’m a dysfunctional, neurotic artist. What else is new, right?

Images are of Maya Tihtiyas ; more of her on film coming later. Thanks to Zack and Leah for organizing this weekend, and facilitating the collaboration.

I’ll talk more about this weekend when I’m not exhausted, but it was fun, and I have so many photos coming your way soon.



I think I'm ranting and raving, but this also feels like I vomited all over the page.

I miss my sister a lot today, and my boyfriend. I miss my cat Mayden, who I haven’t seen in almost two years. I miss my Army girlfriends, or “battle buddies” as they were affectionately known.

We all used to hold each other when we would cry, because up until that point, I suppose a lot of us had never felt true sorrow, failure, and devastation in such a desperate capacity. I was one of the “the mothers” of the female bay, because I was older, and I took care of the girls - but they took care of me too. During those four months we didn’t have anything but each other, and we didn’t feel awkward about screaming and crying on each other’s shoulders. Honestly, looking back, it was . . . really nice. It was human. Basic training was awful and it broke my already shattered spirit in the beginning, but after I was knocked to the ground, I got back up. Some of those memories I have with the women I served with are moments and relationships I will cherish forever. You don’t know true loyalty and comradery until you’ve bleed on someone, or cried because they were crying.

Sorrow and hardship can be a gift.

It’s a blessing of insight that you wouldn’t otherwise have.

People don’t really allow each other to feel like that. We shut people out to look “put together”, or “strong” or some other unhealthy cultural bull shit. I’m getting tired of disingenuous social practices. Does anybody else get exhausted by this? God, I am so over it. Hell, I even catch myself doing it, so I know it’s deeply ingrained in us. Granted, the Army as a whole, looked down on showing emotion, but life was different in the barracks.

God, I’m not sure why I’m even reminiscing right now. I think I feel lonely, and I’m sick and angry, so I’ll rant about it. I don’t care. This is how I feel, and I hate it, and right now, everything sucks, and YOU KNOW WHAT?

It’s okay.

It’s okay to scream, it’s fucking okay to cry, and it’s fucking okay to be angry. Whoever the hell is reading this, let me tell you, right now, I am your fucking shoulder to cry on, cause doing this life thing? It sucks. Nobody asked to be human. I sure as hell didn’t. I would have been fine being a speck of stardust.

But here we are, and somehow, WE have to get through it, TOGETHER.

Ironically, I’m pretty happy with my life, sickness just has a way of making me feel depressed and hopeless. Sigh. See? Once again, I hate being human sometimes.

Blazers and Blazing (the film part) ft. Dafne

Film from this session. <3 I feel like my digital shots from this set were super moody and Vogue, and the film from the same look feels more like scenes from a quirky rom com from the 80s; but I’ll fucking take it.

Model is Dafne, you’ll be seeing her ALOT. I love working with this chick, she’s the bees knees.

Film is Kodak Gold 200 rated at 64 on a Pentax K1000.

Suga Lips ft. Dafne


Jesus, every time I think I love the digital images from a session, film has got me swallowing my words.

Here we goooooo.

Dafne was chill and went along with my, “Hey, put sugar on your lips, cause you know, “sugar lips”. That’s cool, right? You down?”

By the time we got to it, the sun was fading and the sugar wasn’t sticking as much as I would have wanted, so I had her put on another outfit, and we played around with the fading light and her car beams.

I like, I like, I like. Hope you do too. <3

Blazers and Blazing ft. Dafne

Starting to move most of my photography to my website; kind of got tired of keeping up with Instagram, so if you want full sets, you’ve come to the right place!

This shoot was really quick but extremely successful; love the images I got on both digital and film. (This is the digital set, so keep your eyes peeled for the film set. :)

Doesn’t Dafne look like a rebel 19th century lady? I fucking love it.

Stars At Night // Brighton Music Hall

Shot some photos of the opening acts for Le Bucherette this past week at Brighton Music Hall.

First band to go on was “Elsewhere” (Adam’s project) and then it was the touring LA all girl rock band, “Stars At Night”.

Here are my favorites from the set with “Stars At Night”. (Everything was digital this time, no film unfortunately.)

Dafne - Part I

Winter blues are hitting me hard lately, so I don’t have much to say other than, “look at these pretty photos I took of this kick ass model I met via IG”. So, I’m going to do that.

Dafne is absolutely, without a doubt, a fantastic model to work with. (I mean, look at how she emotes. SO. GOOD.) ANNNNNND she drove all the way up to Keene, NH from MA to shoot with me, which I mega appreciated, because I currently do not have a car.

To make the drive worth my model’s time, I try really hard to shoot at least two concepts in a sitting. Three is better, but two is fair. This was also a test shoot, so we did a very basic wardrobe, and just made them moody AF because it’s freezing, and nobody wants to be outside to begin with.


*** insert Reddit meme here ***

Anyway, for those that know me, I’m very heavy on symbolism, so I threw in a nod to some of my cult heritage in these photos (as you can see on set one). Photography, I guess if nothing else, can be cathartic.

Enjoy, peeps.