Just a little note. <3

I know this is a little cheesy, but counting your blessings is a good thing, peeps. I'm dating the love of my life, my sister is my little soul sister I got to grow up with, I have wonderful friends and family, I keep making amazing friends that love me unconditionally, I'm healthy, and I get to make art on a regular basis. Oh, also, my partner's cat totally loves me long time, and lets me snuggle him like a little baby.

Life is good, my dears. Count your blessings. <3 They are everywhere! Life can be dark, but light your own candle. <3

Session w/ MK Tran (NSFW)

I’ve admired this photographer for YEARS so when he asked me to model for him, I about died. Here’s what we did. (I asked permission to use these photographs here, you should definitely check out his work.)

IG : @mktran_
Website : mktran.com

"Feeling Myself" Sessions (ft. Lisa + Gabby)

I host boudoir photo shoots at my place that I call, “feeling myself” sessions, where you come in whatever makes you comfy, we drink wine, we have snacks, talk girl talk, and I take your photo. Normally I do these with Leah Astore as well, and this was our first joint boudoir session where she acted as a co photographer for the event. Enjoy. Gabby and Lisa were lovely. <3

Quick fun fact about some of this film; I used Kodak Gold 200 as I normally do, but I also used some limited edition lomography film as well. That film tends to lend itself more towards that really retro, grainy look.



Maya on film. <3

Wish I had more from this set, but it was starting to get cold, and there were two other photographers that day, so I wanted everyone to get a chance. What vibes are you feeling for this set?

Motel 6 (ft. Leah + Zack)

We crammed our poor ass selves into the only room available in an off highway Motel 6. There was dried cum on my bedspread, I think I inadvertently smoked a pack of cigarettes just by breathing in the decades of smoke in the walls, and the weirdos in the parking lot across the street saw me topless while Zack and Leah photographed me after I took this set.

I don’t know babes, maybe this is what life is about. Just be.

Soak up whatever is going on and just roll with it.

Are you with me now? (ft. Leah Astore)

Titles of these blog posts are literally coming from lyrics I’m catching intermittently from songs I’m listening to on random Spotify playlists right now. This is a quick set I did with Leah after the romantic session I did with her and Zack.

Hell, I guess I’ll go ahead and attach that song I got the title from. Let’s see if I can find it on Youtube, this sounds pretty fucking hipster.

How about that, I found it. Enjoy. <3

Enduring Optimist + Blossoming Cynic (ft. Sasha)

If you haven’t noticed, most of my artwork lately has reflected my general isolation and existentialism. I miss my sister, my stress fractures in my lower half of my body have been painful, and lately I’m constantly wondering if I’ll be able to make my financial obligations.

Not for lack of taste, cheap red wine haplessly adorns my shelf, my fridge is empty, and my head is full of memories, and “should’ve, would’ve, could’ve,” scenarios.

I thought by the time I was 26, things would be different. I mean, is this it? Am I just going to struggle forever?

I’m not sure what’s worse; the fact that things aren’t moving, or that deep down I fear they never will. I was once the proud enduring optimist, but I see myself becoming a blossoming cynic, and that frightens me.

Shot on : Pentax K1000
Film : Cinestill 50d rated at 64

I'll follow you into the dark. (ft. Teaka)

I will follow you into the dark,
no matter how afraid;
dripping wax,
and scrapped up feet,
won’t make me run away.
I will follow you into the dark,
you will not be alone.
I love you darling, oh so much,
I’ll guide us safely home.


Model : Teaka aka @hot.cup.of.tea
Shot on : Pentax K1000 Kodak Gold 200 ISO 64
Location : Two Lights State Park

When the fever breaks. (ft. Teaka)

I’m still sick as a dog, with a high fever and way too many memories of my toilet within the past 24 hours, but I did get my film back from this past weekend in Maine, and I’m prettttttttttty stoked about the results. I played around with double exposures, intentional light leaks, and as always, I overexposed the film by two stops. (To be clear, two stop over exposure by ISO is a general practice for me now, but admittedly not always possible depending on the lighting situation, and the film I have in the camera.)

I had six rolls of film to sift through this time around, so this is only the first set of Teaka, but there are plenty more to come. Be on the look out for my colleague’s sets of her as well, you can visit them here :

Zack : zackstonephoto.com // IG : @slamzeeny
Leah : https://www.patreon.com/leahastore // IG : leahastorephoto // leahastore.com

Side note, I was having an existential crisis over the weekend, so this song kept ringing through my head. It seems my relationship with God remains more or less complicated. I also didn’t “try as hard” on these photographs. Or in other words, I didn’t stress about the perfection of each composition. To go further, my existentialism may have actually contributed to the carefree vibes exhibited in these photos, because I shifted my focus from perfection, to “what am I trying to say here.” At one point, my film camera actually jammed, and I thought I may have lost the majority of this roll to begin with, and was surprisingly unfazed by that revelation. Normally, anxious Anna would have been incredibly frustrated, but I thought to myself, “Well, I guess we’ll see. Is what it is. Felt good in the moment at least.”

This song also fits the vibe of the set, as well as my spirit while I was taking them. Enjoy.

When I'm emotional, I make great shit.

So I guess in other words, I’m a dysfunctional, neurotic artist. What else is new, right?

Images are of Maya Tihtiyas ; more of her on film coming later. Thanks to Zack and Leah for organizing this weekend, and facilitating the collaboration.

I’ll talk more about this weekend when I’m not exhausted, but it was fun, and I have so many photos coming your way soon.