New England Wedding pRicing

Please note my prices are subject to change.

I am $175.00 a hour for weddings as a solo shooter.

It is $200.00 a hour if you want a second shooter present.

$400 flat fee for post production, color correction, blemish removal, etc. on weddings 8 hours or less. Additional hours are $50.

Please allow up to two months for delivery via Dropbox or Google Drive. Sneak peak gallery available within two weeks.

Custom leather bound wedding album, personally curated by me, is $250.00. Highly recommended and encouraged.

If you are interested in my package deals, please email me.

weddings outside of new england

Please email for additional info, or contact me via the Book Me tab.

Please understand that I require a small deposit up front for all my bookings via Venmo.

I have galleries available for those interested in seeing what a full wedding day looks like.

I am first and foremost a fine art portrait photographer before I am a traditional photo journalist, so my imagery (and pricing) is going to reflect that. I’m all about capturing those “movie” moments. I also shoot with film, so that is also reflected in my pricing. (Analog is coming back! Wee!)

Thank you for your time, and I look forward to hearing from you!

Anna Madsen Jefferies

Email me first to inquire about your upcoming wedding date!

Email :

Believe it or not, I especially
love last minute courthouse and small intimate weddings. I just need a 24 hour notice. Also, due to my unique relationship with the military as a veteran, all military weddings are 20% any time of the year.

Bridals and Formals

(Ideal for those brides and grooms that love what they see on IG.)

So you’re getting married, (or maybe you already got married) and you want photos in your wedding gown with your partner that look like that one photo you saw on IG or Pinterest. You know the one. Maybe the bride is on a beach at golden hour, or the couple is romantically embracing at the top of a mountain, or kissing underneath a rose terrace.

Honey, you can totally have that. That is not an impossible dream to have. I mean, why should it be? It’s actually wicked easy. It’s where you pick a low stress day that works for you, you get dressed up in your gown, your hair and makeup is professionally done, your partner gets spiffy looking too, and we go to a kick ass location and we take those photos that you’ve been pinning or saving. We can blast Lana Del Rey, drink some coffee, take lots of photos, and have a good day.

Here’s the thing a lot of people don’t realize - the photos you are seeing and falling in love with on those social media platforms are almost always coming from pre planned sessions outside of the wedding day itself. I tell my brides all the time, it’s almost impossible to get Vogue style bridals and formals on your actual wedding day, because you’re going to be too stressed and rushed. Also, more than likely, you won’t be getting married on a mountain top or French Villa, at the golden hour, in perfect weather conditions on your special day. That’s just not realistic for a lot of people. But just because your venue isn’t on the cover of Brides, doesn’t mean we can’t take photos that deserve to be. I am an expert at creative limitations. I got you.

We can get amazing, magazine style, contemporary portraits of you, wherever you live, it just takes a little bit of planning. Also, something to consider, Formals / Bridals are more often than not the photos you will choose to get printed in the future - including showcasing them at the day of your wedding.

$350 for one location. Includes makeup artist. 10 - 15 fully retouched images. No original images will be given. Includes 11x14 print of your choice.

$400 for two locations. Includes makeup artist. 20 - 30 fully retouched images. No originals will be given. Includes 11x14 print of your choice.